A fast way of losing weight. The slow carbs diet

Everybody loves an easier and fast way of losing weight

When I tried the slow carbs diet, I lost 23 pounds in the first month. I talked about it when I was talking about intermittent fasting, and it is still valid, a good diet is about something easy to integrate into your life. Losing weight is already tricky, your diet does not need to be difficult too. So, let us have an overview of the slow carbs diet showed by Tim Ferriss in the 4-hour-body and how it is an excellent and fast way of losing weight

Introduction to the slow carbs diet

The slow carbs diet is about removing any carbohydrates from your eating habits. Carbs are the vice that makes us gain weight. Sugar, when not burnt is stored as fat, if you do not eat sugar, your body will burn your fat when you need more energy than your proteins can provide. As if you need to have more reason to try the slow carbs diet, it is probably the only diet that will help you lose weight by eating like a pig. Oh yes, that’s right. As I’m writing this, my last cheat day (I do them every Saturday now), I ate 2000 calories of mini-Reese, poutine and some pancakes for breakfast.  The great part is, I am still losing weight. I changed my eating habits for a full year, and I have lost 10 pounds. 3 months on the slow carbs diet made me lose 60 more pounds. I am sure you are asking how you can do this?

The five rules of the slow carbs diet

#1 Avoid « White » carbohydrates or those that can be white

The title tells it himself, avoid all carbs that are made from refined flour. Prohibited food includes all bread, rice, cereal, pasta, fried foods with breading and anything made with flour. Only eat white stuff if you want to gain weight.

#2 Eat the same few meals repeatedly

You are already working hard on losing weight, why do you need to think about all the meals you will cook? Keep it simple. Choose things on what you can eat list and eat it repeatedly. The best weight loss results were when people ate the same things. If you can’t always eat the same stuff, change every week if you really need to but still keep it simple!

#3 Don’t drink calories

This one should probably be in any diet.  On average, a 240 ml orange juice contains 110 calories and 25 grams of carbs.  And that is only in orange juice. If you take a can of Pepsi, it is about 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar. That is a lot of sugar. Enough to give you diabetes!

I personally only drink bubbly water, water and tea. In terms of alcohol, Tim advices we can drink two glass of red wine, but I personally cannot go without my Friday night beer. Do as you see fit, but don’t exaggerate. Alcohol is also a high caloric beverage.

#4 Don’t eat fruits

It was the first time I heard this one. But do you think our ancestors needed fruit all years long, 400 years ago? No, not really. And somehow, they still survive. Get your vitamin C inside your veggies.

Generally speaking, Fructose = Glycerol Phosphate = more body fat. Avoid eating fruit six days a week.

#5 Take a cheat day

That is the fun part I spoke about at the beginning. One day a week, eat like a pig. I use Saturday as a cheat day because it is easy and not a workday, but if another day is better for you, choose that one.

I was used to a cheating meal, and I thought cheat day was eating one bad meal. But it is not. During the week, I noted every craving I have. And I buy this for the Saturday cheat day. The only rule, no leftover. Eat everything, if you are here, there is a lot of chance you are like me and you cannot control your craving. So, don’t keep your bad food during the week.

Eating as much and as wrong help your metabolic rate so it does not downshift from calories restriction. Yeap, eating bad to lose fat. You are Welcome.

There is absolutely no restriction during this whole day. Drink as many microbrews you want and as many burgers as you want.

What can you eat?

In the four-hour body, Tim Ferriss offers a food list to pick from. Choose any ingredient from this list to make your meal


Eggs (For maximum effect, make half and half with eggs and egg white. I personally use whole eggs because cholesterol help male with testosterone)


Beef (grass-fed if you can)





Black beans

Pinto beans

Red beans




Mixed Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, and any other cruciferous vegetables)

Sauerkraut, kimchi




Green Beans

Tips and Trick

Eat more Protein: You should try to have at least 20g of protein inside every meal. 30g in your breakfast (see the next rule)

The 30-30 rule: Try to eat 30g of protein inside the 30 minutes of waking up. If you are in a rush, whey protein* inside a shake can do the trick.

Drink more water: A dehydrated liver does not metabolize body fat well,  water is also one of my tricks to cut craving.

If you must ask, do not eat it: But… can I… No! If you are not sure, it is because the food is no good for you. If you are at that point, it is because you need to change your eating habits. Stop stalling.

Eat until you are not hungry: Cutting the carbs removes the need to count calories. So the good news now is: eat as much as you need to be full.

Working out: As many diets also required you to work out, the slow carbs do not need it. You can lose weight by only following those eating rules. But keep in mind that some workout 2 or 3 times a week are right for your health.

Start small if you need it: If you find all this too much, start by small change. Eat a low carbs breakfast with 30g of protein but standard meal the rest of the day. Even this small change will do you some good. Do more when you feel comfortable about it.

Integrating the slow carbs with others eating lifestyle

If you are not new here, you know that I put forth intermittent fasting habits and try to be kind of vegetarian.  It is not because the diet contains a lot of meats or some breakfast tips (see the tips and trick section) that you need to follow it as I do, do what you can.

My proteins consist of eggs, Textured vegetable protein and some Gusta sausage. Also, sometimes, I try other brands of soy meat that doesn’t have a lot of carbs. This method probably has more carbs than those in the four-hour body list, but at least you can have a good diet and keep it no meat friendly. All the meal ideas later are vegetarian (not vegan, sorry).

You can also add more vegetables, and I usually use some super seeds like hemp seeds*. Be sure to have enough vitamins for your day.  I also take multi-vitamin daily.

As for intermittent fasting, even if the advice is to take 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up, you can insert this rule in your first meal. As I usually eat only once in the day, my only meal is really high in protein. Also, you need to be sure you don’t miss any vitamins and eat enough during your window to be full for the fasting period.

I find it hard to find the best diet for me. Harder still to implement slow carbs in other lifestyle eating. You need to experiment and have fun doing so. I feel like a chemist when I look for superfood and mix flavours to have something great.

Meals ideas

I am no good with recipes and not a chef, so I will put what I can. If you guys have a question, feel free to ask!

Slow carbs eggs and sausage and veggie

(This is my go-to breakfast, easy to make and full of protein)

2 eggs and the equivalent of 2 egg whites

1 or 2 Gusta sausage (choose your flavour, but my favourite is pesto)

Veggies (I change depending on what I have, broccoli, cauliflower, peas. You decided what you like)

Salt and pepper (and other spice if you like)

Hemps seeds and chia powder

Cook everything in a pan with olive oil until the eggs are not liquid.


Slow carbs casserole.

1 cup of Lentils

1 or 2 cups of Textured vegetable protein (As you need)

Mixed vegetable ( I love to use a Macedonia mixed for this one)

Egg-whites (1 or 2 cups)

Spice as you like them

If you have dehydrated protein and Lentils, start by hydrating them.

Inside a casserole, start by putting the hydrated lentils. Mix it with the Hydrated Textured vegetable protein then put in your mix of vegetables. After that, pour the egg white equally everywhere. (Tips: but you spice inside your egg-whites and mix it before pouring, so the spice distributes evenly)

Put it in the oven for 30 minutes



As you probably now know, there is no magic way of losing weight. But I found out that the slow carbs diet was a fast way of losing weight. I lost 60 pounds in three months on it, and I know you can do it too! You need to work a lot at it but if you keep it simple you will have a lot of fun doing it. And once you see yourself melt in the mirror, you will realize the excellent value of this diet. If there is an easy way of losing weight, that is probably the one. So, let’s get healthy and continue to have fun!

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