Mountains to start hiking A List of Beginners mountains in Quebec

Are you ready to get out of your house and try a new adventure outside?

Autumn foliage is coming, and you want to see those orange tones from up high or maybe you are ready to begin mountain hiking in order to get back into shape and go on a new adventure. A lot of my friends always ask me where do they need to start? This list of mountains to start hiking is perfect for you to begin with. Please don’t waste any time, let’s get started!

Mont Saint Gregoire

Elevation: 251m

Trail: 2.4km (loop)

Price 5.50$ (price in 2020)


Saint Gregoire is one of the mountains I hiked the most. When I decided to get back in shape, I was there every week and sometime even 2-3 times a week.  With 251m of elevation and a trail of 2.4km, it is the perfect one to start going on the mountain trail, but be wary, the main route is steep and rocky. It is why it is a good start.

The more prominent mountains are always abrupt and rocky, so you can start here and see if you like it. If you find yourself out of breath quickly, don’t be afraid to take a break. You have time to get to the summit, and you will be proud of it.

My favourite trail is the loop starting by “Le panorama,” and once you are at the summit, you can go down by the “la carriere” to the reception. “Le panorama” is steep, but you can go straight to the peak, Other trails are available and you can ask at the reception while you are there.

Mont Saint Hilaire

Elevation: 411m

Trail: 5.4km (round-trip)

Price: 8$


Mont Saint Hilaire is a little bit harder than the last one but still in the beginner category. To access « pain de sucre », the higher peak, you only need to follow the yellow trail to the summit. You have a rock to climb with the help of a big rope to attain the summit. It is a round trip.

Alternative route: For those of you who are ready for more, the mount offers four summits to hike, and you can also make a loop of the four. Start by following the « burned hill peak » (300m), the « pain de sucre »(411m), « Dieppe »(371m) and « Rocky »(400m). I love the red route of « Rocky » to do some trail running.  The full loop makes a 12.5km hike. I find it to be a perfect workout.

Mont Sutton (round top)

Elevation: 968m

Trail: 7.4km (round trip)

Price: 6$


Mont Sutton was one of my first loves when we talk about mountains that’s for say. The « Round Top » gives you access to a beautiful view and you have another point of view if you want to eat away from the crowd. It is not the most accessible hike on the list, but it is fun to do. My go-to trail is the « Lac Spruce » and « Round Top » track. Start from the reception follow the main path, and for the first part, you will always follow the indication for « Lac Spruce ». I found the « lac spruce » part to be the easiest and after the lake, you continue on the trail, it will get a little bit harder until you arrive at the intersection for the « Round Top » track. This part is the hardest, but if it is not your first hike, I know you can do it.

Alternative: The « Pens park » has many fun trail to hike, feel free to look at the suggested hike. You can do so many trails out there at Parc Sutton  For those who are used to hike, I strongly recommended the « Dos d’orignal » hike, it is less frequented than « Round Top », longer and you can finish your hike at « Round top » if you want!


The three next mountain I didn’t hike them, but everyone told me they needed to be done and are manageable mountains to start hiking, here is the information I have.

Mont St-Bruno

Elevation: 218m

Trail: 8.8km (loop)

Price: 8,90$


St Bruno is part of the SEPAQ, so the trail should be fitted out. You have a lake at the top of the mountain, it is supposed to be an easy hike and good for the family and everyone!

Mont Ham

Elevation: 713m

Trail: 3,4km (round-trip)

Price: 8$


Mont ham is still in the easier mountains, although more challenging than some in the list. If you take the “Intrepide” it is supposed to go straight to the top. So the trail is sure to be steep but everyone says this is one you have to do.

Mont Pinacle

Elevation: 675m

Trail: 5.2km (round-trip)

Price: free


Near Sherbrooke, Mont Pinacle is known for its incredible view on the lake Lyster. The road is a gravel road going to the top but if you like some challenge you can use the hiking trail instead. You can ask when you get there!

Bonus point: If you enjoy climbing instead of hiking, Pinacle has a lot of climbable roads!


Those are only my first six recommendations, but you have so many mountains to begin your hiking adventures on! If those are not enough, you can also take a look at Mont Orford and the SEPAQ park. You can find hikes for all levels from easy to difficult! I also hike Mont Bromont in summer, you can go to the peak by the gravel road or hike the « Prétensieuse » for a better challenge!

Near Quebec city, you have the « parc de la Jacque Cartier » with a lot of accessible trails to do. Going by the opposite end of the Province, you have the « Parc national du Bic » with the « Pic Champlain » that gives you a view on the Saint-Laurance-River.

Quebec offers so many Beginners mountains to start hiking. Now you don’t have any excuses anymore. You have a list of mountains to start and also what you need to start. Now go out there and be careful and most importantly have fun!

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