Eating once a day, top 6 reason to start intermittent fasting

Are you ready to start seeing things differently? To let your beliefs change? To start eating once a day?

All my life, I heard that the most critical meal was breakfast and that it was essential to eat three meals a day. Well, now I am only eating once a day, and I feel so much better. When I started my weight loss, I hit a plateau quickly, I didn’t find a way to get over it. But Intermittent fasting helps me take the first step. Here is a list of the 6 most significant reasons for only eating once a day

It is really tough to eat over your daily calories intakes.

Generally, the recommended daily intake is between 1600 to 2400 calories for women and 2000 to 3000 calories for men. If you calculated a little, if you go to a fast-food restaurant, you can probably eat that many calories in one meal. But if you cook a nice dinner at home and eat more than a normal portion, you will still be out of this range.

And, the first thing they told us about weight loss is to eat fewer calories than what you spend to lose weight, right? So by just eating one time a day, you should see the difference!

Burning more fat

Some research shows us that after 12 hours of fasting your body does not store sugar anymore. When you exercise, walk or do your daily things after these 12 hours of fasting, your body burns fat for energy instead of sugar! This is also why I recommended to workout during these windows if you are doing any intermittent fasting. Optimize your fat burning!

Note: Always be careful, if you are not used to this, have something to eat not far away. When I go for a long hike, I always keep an energy bar and small tuna salads if needed.

A better Health

When you are not eating your insulin level will go down, so your body will no longer store sugar. So your body will only make insulin when you start eating again.

Our eras plague is diabetes, caused by the sugar and the fact that your body doesn’t make enough insulin. A lot of studies prove that fasting helps insulin management also that losing weight helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

More energy

Digesting takes energy, it’s normal. Have you ever finish eating and feel like all you want to do is sleep? No matter what you eat, your body works a lot to digest it. There are some things easier to digest than others, but your body will still work.

When you are not eating, your digestive system is not working, and you can use this energy to do other things like working out, working or writing a book.

Easier meal management

Managing all those meals is complicated, right? Breakfast, diner and super, always eating different things, so you don’t get bored? Wouldn’t it be easier if you only have to manage one meal a day? I think it is.

For a while now, I only have to think about the one meal I will do in the evening.  I only have to manage seven meals per week while I am only eating once a day: less preparation, less meal prep time, more time for you.

Meal cost!

Following the last point, of course, if you are only eating once a day, the weekly grocery will be a lot less expensive.

I remember not that long ago when all my meals were pasta or chicken nuggets. I remember telling my friends that my grocery bill was soo cheap, it was ridiculous. Now that I am eating healthy, my grocery bill is so much more expensive,  cutting the number of meals was good for that.

Final thoughts

Even if I recommend only eating once a day for losing weight, always be careful and listen to yourself. Intermittent fasting is not suggested for children or pregnant women. If you have a health problem, please consult with a specialist before starting this. If you choose to try, you can read this article about what to take while fasting.

And even if being healthy is something I found important over the last years, remember to always have fun at the same time!

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