The top beverage I use to help with intermittent fasting

Write by Jonathan Lessard


Losing weight should not always be a battle!

You have tried the intermittent fasting, and it seems you always want to eat? Sometimes you get up, and your head spins a lot? I have been there! But I found some simple things to help me get over those cravings. There are a lot of beverages to help with intermittent fasting. Let’s jump to them! If you didn’t try intermittent fasting, go read why you should try it.


That is simple, right? I found out that in life there are three reasons why you are hungry, the first one is because you are thirsty. When your body is dehydrated, it makes you feel the same thing as when you are hungry. And when you eat, you will not feel it after because a lot of food contains water.

The other reason is mental, when I talk to you about a burger and you become hungry. The third one is because you are starving. We will talk more about those later.

Drink a lot of water during your fast, and you will see, it will be easier for you.


A lot of myths say that coffee is not suitable for your health. But some studies show that three coffees or less per day could be useful for your health.  And drinking coffee helps your body think that you giving it something. If you have a food rage and can’t seem to stop it, use coffee. I myself, drink a maximum of two coffees per day, I use decaf after that.

Be careful, sugar will break your fast, so if you take coffee, it should not contain sugar, and a lot of people also say without milk. I use Almond milk* ,The low calories of the almond milk is not enough to break your fast! But be sure to use the no sugar one.


I will not talk a lot about tea since it is a lot like coffee. But you if can’t drink water anymore, go for tea, it is a flavoured beverage with no calories, so it can help you take the food craving away, and it will not break your fast.


One of the best that I use is electrolyte water, Electrolytes contain sodium and potassium, which are essential to the human body. Those 2 nutriment can be found in small quantities in water and more inside food.

Sometimes, when you are not eating for a long time, you will get up, and your head will start to spins, when I take at least one bottle of water with electrolytes every day, my head does not spin, and I control my hunger better.

You can find electrolytes in a supplement store, but I use vega sport Electrolytes* on amazon. Only three calories per serving so it does not break your fast, and it also has some vitamins in it!

Bone Broth:

This one is controversials some people say that bone broth has too many calories inside it, so it does break the fast, and others say that it is does not, I will let you judge this one.

So why Bone Broth? I do not use it, but I know a lot of people who do, and I found it worth including it ,when you are only eating once a day sometimes, the last few hours can be ruff. Bone Broth at diner gives you a lot of protein to continue the day and also has a lot of collagen. Collagen is good for your skin, hair and joints. Just put some Bone broth in a water bottle, mixed it well, and that’s it.  People recommended this Bone Broth* on Amazon.

If you use this method, feel free to tell me how it is!

Final thoughts

No matter which method you use, the standard rule is this: almost no calories and no sugar at all costs, and no physical food that can activate your insulin. If you follow that, you should be alright! Have another idea? Feel free to send them!

*  Those are affiliate links. It means if you decide to buy the object I will receive a small percentage. it is okay if you don’t want to click on the link, just search for the name on amazon and you will find it!

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