The 3 summits

Introduction to Mountaineering and Discovery of Peru

« 3 Summits » Project: Seeking Partnerships for a Unique Adventure in Peru

In 2023, I embarked on the transformative journey of climbing Kilimanjaro, an experience that deepened my love for the mountains and sparked a newfound passion for filmmaking.

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The resulting documentary from this exhilarating adventure will premiere in February during a memorable conference.

But the story continues: in 2024, I’m reaching higher, ready to conquer peaks exceeding 6000 meters in the majestic Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

With over 17 summits surpassing 6000 meters, 500 lakes, and 722 glaciers, the Cordillera Blanca provides the ideal terrain for immersing oneself in mountaineering.

Beyond my love for the great outdoors, my goal is to share this passion with as many people as possible. I aspire to inspire the world and encourage them to step outside.

This is where the « 3 Summits » project comes to life. My intention is to film the initiation into mountaineering, capturing the essence of this discipline to share with a wider audience. And there’s more. Unlike many mountain films, my documentary will explore the beauty of Peru, offering a unique perspective on the welcoming host country.

Why support me ?

In addition to participating in a project that inspires people to embrace the outdoors, your support will contribute to encouraging the host country, highlighting its people and way of life, while promoting environmentally friendly practices beneficial to our planet.

After the Kilimanjaro ascent, 2024 will feature three conferences to share this exceptional adventure, a high-quality film release in February, media coverage in newspapers, and social media posts reaching a broad audience. Additionally, I will make an appearance on Quebec television in the show « Les Crinqués » with Dominique Arpin.

Your Opportunity to Participate

Imagine what could be achieved with adequate financial support. That’s why this year, I offer you the opportunity to participate in this adventure, help achieve my goals, and make the « 3 Summits » project the first in a series of successes that will open the world to the outdoors.

Currently studying film, I will submit the documentaries to various festivals, including the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Montagne en Scène. Furthermore, we organize a screening in the city of Sherbrooke for a premiere presentation. The premiere of Kilimanjaro is already sold-out.

To integrate your company into this project, you can choose from the four offers below, each providing unique visibility. All offers will be managed by me, leaving you with the simple task of sending your logo or company details, if necessary.

If financial support is not feasible for your company, any other form of donation, such as filming equipment, plane tickets, etc., can be discussed. The value of the donation will determine the recognition you receive as part of our offers.

Encourage the outdoors, inspire people. Together, let’s make this adventure a reality that resonates beyond the mountains.

3 Summits Project
Discover Mountaineering and Peru.

Gold Offer :

Donation of $5000 (2 available)

Includes all previous offers

Final credit in larger font

Company logo at the beginning of the film

Strategically placed 3X3, 4X4, or 5.5X5.5 stickers or patches

Special mention in the newspaper article

Highlighted golden logo on various platforms (YouTube, website, etc.)

A 1-hour conference offered to the company for employees on adventure, resilience, perseverance, and life improvement through the outdoors.* »

Silver Offer :

Donation of $2500 (4 available)

Includes Standard and Bronze

Final credit in larger font size

Strategically placed 3X3 or 4X4 stickers

Prominent logo visibility during the film

Logo displayed on the Liveandhike website for 1 year

A 30-minute conference offered to the company for employees on resilience and the benefits of mountains in everyday life *

Bronze Offer:

Donation of $1000 (10 available)

Includes Standard

Final credit in larger font size

Mention of your company in the article sent to local newspapers

3X3 sticker of your company’s logo on some equipment

A 20-minute conference offered to the company.*

Standard Offer :

Donation of $500 (10 available)

Name of your company in the film credits in standard size

Mention of your company in the film credits

Mention of your company in various blog articles.

*Please note that for any travel exceeding a 3-hour drive from Sherbrooke, travel expenses will need to be discussed.

Example of Newspaper Article

Launch of the ‘3 Summits’ Project: Jonathan Lessard, Sherbrooke Resident, Takes on a New Alpine Challenge in Peru

Following his feat on Kilimanjaro in 2023, Jonathan Lessard, a resident of Sherbrooke, is gearing up for a new adventure in 2024. His ambition? To conquer three summits in Peru while sharing the magnificence of this country through the lens of his goal.

The three summits targeted in this audacious expedition are Mateo (5150 m), Vallunaraju (5686 m), and Chopicalqui (6354 m). This alpine challenge goes beyond the exploration of mountaineering. It aims to democratize this unique experience by documenting it through captivating videos. This initiative not only unveils the intricacies of mountaineering but also seeks to showcase the splendours of Peru to the world.

This daring epic would be out of reach without the precious collaboration of our gold and silver partners, whose commitment supports this project as a whole.

The Cordillera Blanca, a paradise for mountaineers with its 17 peaks exceeding 6000 meters, 500 sparkling lakes, and 722 majestic glaciers, offers the ideal playground for an introduction to mountaineering. Beyond summiting the peaks, the ‘3 Summits’ project is committed to exploring and sharing the natural and cultural riches that this Peruvian region has to offer.

The details of this exciting adventure will be captured and shared with the world, transforming this personal quest into a collective experience of learning and wonder.

Thanks also to other partners (mention of Bronze partners).

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