Why the best time to change to a healthy lifestyle is now

I know what you’re thinking right now, another coach telling me that you need to change and get healthy. There are thousands of coaches out there who told you the same thing. You probably even have tried and failed many times.  I know you always finish by asking yourself what’s the point to change to a healthy lifestyle?

Wouldn’t it be great if you felt good in your skin? Or to have the energy to accomplish anything and weren’t afraid of any challenge.  You know those are all things you can do if you put your mind to it.

This pandemic brings a time of questioning, but did you ask yourself the right question? Are you happy right now? Do you want more in life? Do you want to embark on the best path of your life? If those questions reflect with you, now continue.

Don’t forget, as you probably know, changing is hard. There is no easy way hack to be healthy, lose weight or get in shape. But there are ways to do those changes easier.

So, let’s jump in to answer my first question why now is the best time to change to a healthy lifestyle?

The pandemic has proved to everybody that health is something important. If you still don’t know this, it directly impacts your immune system. Your immune system is the first barrier that stops your body from getting sick. And yes, you can boost it by having a healthy life. The athlete Wim Hof even found out a method to directly control your immune system. Take a look!

Research and medical and healthcare are now jumping and many more studies than before are coming out. And we found proof of effectiveness on many weight loss methods that were esoteric. Intermittent fasting is proven a great way to not only lose weight but also increase your energy and longevity! And it is easy to follow. More on fasting here.

Many wellness tools to help you on your path.


Meditation is not seeing anymore as a method only for those monks in a robe or those hippie people who seem always high.

Many pieces of research show that Meditation not only reduces stress but is a great way to be aware of your thoughts. And only by being aware of them, you can start to be the one in charge of them, controlling which thought will win and which will lose.

I highly recommend meditation to anybody who wants to change to a healthy lifestyle. Because becoming aware of your thought is the best way to found out why you don’t want to work out today. Or to control your body when you are about to overeat. Most world elites use a form of meditation in their daily life, there is a reason for it. Use it.

Habit creation

Making the change to a healthy lifestyle also mean changing your habits. I don’t know why it is not the first thing that comes when people start to get healthy. Habits are part of your daily life. A good one or a bad one. And starting to eat better or working out is exactly that. A new habit you want to bring into your life, like brushing your tooth. But harder to start and keep.

And today much research has been found tricks to help us create those new habits. The book Atomic Habit* is a mine gold about creating a new habit. Even if there is some nice trick to start a new habit, it takes some time to get used to it. Don’t wait later, do it now!

Starting for your future self

Did you ever sit down and thought what will your future self think of you? If time travel exists, what will the 5 years older you will tell you? Will he tell you, why did you wait to get in shape? It is even harder to start now! Or will he thank you for taking care of your future body? I tell you, the second option is the one you want.

The older you get the harder it will be to start because your bad habit will be anchor deeper into your life. If you find this hard today imagine how harder it will be in 5 years? 10 years? Maybe your situation in life is not the greatest right now, but today is always the best time to start taking care of yourself. Your body is the one that will carry you in your life.

A healthier body, a healthier mind.

We are starting to see that mental health is as much important as the physical one. Staying in front of the TV is easy, but not good for your mind. Making the change to a healthy lifestyle will help you in many ways. It can boost creativity, help your humour and will boost your self-esteem. Nothing greater for your self-esteem than seeing in the mirror what you accomplish.

Stress is another popular problem in today’s society. We often have the habit of bad eating when we are stressed but eating bad food does nothing for our stress. It is just an idea we made ourselves. It is proven that doing any form of exercise help clear cortisol the stress hormone. I started running after my workday to relax and clean up my mind. It is a great way of doing so. Bring meditation into the lot and you will be so much calm.

With a healthy mind and a great body, no challenge will scare you in your life. And challenging yourself is important. Every time you will succeed in a challenge, you will find your life better. Because you will see that you have improved yourself, you’ll also see that what you did was for a reason and you will get confident in your skill. What is better than that?

Now it’s the time to start

The first step is the hardest. After that, you only need the tools to stay on the right path. The reason why you always gave up before today is because you didn’t have the right tool and didn’t do the right change in your life. I made those changes in my life and before I started, I was fat, out of shape and staying in front of the computer all day long. I am now in the best shape of my life and have never been happier. If I made the change, I know you can.

So, let’s not wait for more. Get out your calendar and mark today as your first day for your new life. You can read more about what you need to implement in your life on my confession last year. But I highly recommend you download my small fitness and happy life guide! It is the perfect guide to jump start your change! Just subscribed to my email list at the bottom and you will receive it for free!

No spam, just some nice email from me sometime to help you on your path. After that, you will be all set to change to a healthy lifestyle. Now go, be healthy and have fun!

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